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7 Reasons Why You Need To Try Pilates

by Doug Jesko | September 21, 2017

group-pilates-class-ballYou've probably heard of Pilates, but do you know what this trendy form of exercise really is?

Pilates is a fairly easy-going workout that specifically targets the core. It offers more benefits than core-strengthening but in low-impact movements that even beginners can do. Because of this, it makes sense that Pilates has become so popular.

However, there are even more reasons you should give Pilates a try. Here are seven of the biggest benefits to this workout class:

1. Pilates Makes You Sweat The Small Stuff

Pilates is all about performing controlled movements with laser-like precision. It's about more than just simply getting in a workout that stretches and hardens the abs. The way in which you move your body during Pilates is of the utmost importance.

Those who perform Pilates exercises in an accurate manner derive maximum benefit. The angle at which your body is positioned during each Pilates exercise empowers muscles to work in a highly effective manner. This is why taking a Pilates class is so important.

2. Pilates Benefits Extend Beyond The Gym

Unlike some exercises that only tone your arms or your legs, Pilates strengthens your entire lower body to enhance overall stability. You'll feel this stability every day as normal activities, such as reaching for something or sitting for extended periods of time, become easier.

This stability will also improve your balance. This helps prevent falls and injury on a day-to-day basis.

3. Pilates Instructors Can Help You Maximize Your Workouts

Pilates instructors understand the human body's nuances better than most. These individuals have an in-depth understanding of anatomy. They understand the idiosyncrasies of each muscle group at specific points of the body.

This knowledge base empowers Pilates instructors to know exactly what to look for when analyzing participants' movements. Your Pilates teacher will help you perfect your form and get the most from your sessions.

4. Pilates Makes You Stronger

Pilates movements target slow-twitch muscles. The body gradually moves in different directions, forcing a contraction of muscles throughout the shortening and lengthening phases. This prolonged tension improves strength and endurance while burning fat.

5. Pilates Can Give You A Flat Stomach

Pilates works the core for the entirety of the class. This is essential for burning off love handles and belly fat. When a Pilates chair or reformer is used, muscles across the entire body are used, sculpting your body even further.

6. Pilates Enhances Your Muscles

Small changes to your Pilates form will dramatically enhance your muscles. This is partially attributable to the fact that Pilates works all those diminutive muscles that aren't frequently used in everyday activities. Pilates gives these rarely-used muscles a robust workout, helping you look great from any angle.

7. Pilates Gets Your Body Back In Alignment

Because most of our jobs are sedentary, it's likely that certain sections of your back have gotten out of alignment over time. Engage in Pilates and a minor push of the hip, elbow, knee or shoulder might get you back in place. This realignment will provide much-needed relief from back, neck and shoulder pain.

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