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8 Tips to Get Your Summer Body

by Scott Jesko | June 01, 2019

Summer is now underway! There's no time like the present to get started on shaping your body to meet your goals. But losing weight, gaining strength, toning, and improving your health won't happen all by themselves - you have to work at it.

Wondering how to achieve that "body of your dreams" in the real world? Here are 8 tips and workout habits that will help you get started right!

1. Set Goals & Make Plans

The first step is to set specific goals as to where you hope to be before summer's end. Mark down specific goals as to weight, shape, and stamina. Perhaps, you want to lose 30 pounds, trim the tummy, or set a personal record in running the mile?

By committing these goals to writing and organizing a plan and schedule to achieve them, you greatly boost your odds of ultimate success.

2. Sign Up For A Local Gym

Once you have a gym membership, you will be motivated to use it and not waste your investment. Plus, you gain access to the best exercise equipment and environment.

You will also find opportunities to join a fitness class, where you can benefit from the direction of an experienced trainer, the encouragement of exercising in a group, and the power of trending techniques like aqua fitness.

3. Use Interval Training

With interval training, you combine low-intensity and high-intensity exercises to burn more calories without "burning out." Short bursts of highly intense physical activity are interspersed amid low to moderate intensity actions to keep the right balance.

Cycling, jogging, and sprinting are among the most popular incarnations of interval training technique - but you can do it with practically anything.

4. Maintain Proper Hydration

If you want to make your workouts count for far more, then be sure to drink 2 liters (a half-gallon) of water per day. That equals about 36 fluid ounces, which makes it convenient to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to meet your "water quota."

Hydration will prevent water retention because your body is going to react by retaining water if it thinks it isn't getting enough. And water retention reduces the effectiveness of exercise, while artificially increasing your body weight.

5. Adjust Your Diet!

There's more to getting/staying in shape and making your workout yield the maximum possible benefit than just drinking water. You also need to watch your whole diet.

Fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and everything in moderation are the watchwords. Control portion sizes. Be disciplined. And above all, avoid soft drinks, high-sugar foods, and excessive "junk foods" and sweets.

6. Use The Right Posture

Another key to an effective workout time is improving your posture. Standing tall instead of slouching will make you burn more calories while exercising, reduce energy expenditure per muscle movement (so you can get less tired and exercise longer), and reduce the risk of injury.

7. Always Rest Up

Most people don't realize the importance of quality sleep. It is necessary to always get a full 8 hours of sleep and at regular times - as much as your schedule will allow. Your body repairs itself and recovers from your workout while you sleep. Resting up gives you optimal energy come workout time.

8. Have Fun!

Finally, make your workout routine as fun as possible. By doing so, you increase the chances you will stick with it all summer long (and beyond.) Dancing, music, and outdoor scenic jogging are ideas for making it more enjoyable.

Following these workout habits will make your summer workout more effective. And over the course of weeks or months, you will notice the difference in how you look and feel!

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