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Get A Free 2 Week Shape-Up Workout

by Scott Jesko | July 03, 2018

So you’ve taken that big step. You’ve joined Amarillo Town Club. But where do you go from there? How do you actually start reaching your fitness goals?

At first, joining a new gym can be exciting. You get access to amenities, classes and equipment. After a few months, however, the newness wears off. This can leave you overwhelmed with all your options and discouraged by a lack of results.Shape up Workout

If you’re spending money on a gym membership, shouldn’t you be able to get results out of it?

We think so! That’s why we created the 2 Week Shape-Up Workout. This workout plan, developed by an ATC personal trainer, can help you take advantage of the gym’s fitness classes.

With this workout, you’ll

  • Create a personalized fitness regimen
  • Choose from a variety of fitness classes that fit your schedule
  • Learn fitness tips to help you along the way
  • And start working on your fitness goals

All in just two weeks!

This workout guide is perfect for beginners or those just starting their fitness journey. Whether you’re new to the ATC or just want to become more active in the gym, the 2 Week Shape-Up Workout is a great way for members to start seeing results.

Click the button below to download the FREE Workout.

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