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Get A Free 5K Training Guide

by Ameka Mobley | March 13, 2017

Race season is upon us and there seems to be a 5K everywhere you look in Amarillo.

Whether you want to get in shape or support a great cause, participating in a race can be an amazing experience. However, if you’ve never competed in one, it’s important to prepare.

The Amarillo Town Club can help you get in shape for your first 5K. Our FREE Couch to 5K: 10-Week Beginner Training Guide gradually increases your walking and running times and distances to build your endurance.

Get your free Couch to 5K guide now. 

Get 5K ready in just 10 weeks with this Couch to 5K Training Guide

If you have any questions about the workout routine or would like assistance, please contact our Fitness Department by calling 806-468-0336 or emailing fitness@amarillotownclub.com.

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