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Here's Why You Should Add Swimming To Your Workout

by Diane Cattaneo | July 18, 2017

man-swimming-laps-in-poolAthletes around the world rely on swimming for training. Some call it the perfect exercise.

Swimming works all of the body's muscles, spurs weight loss, tones the physique and improves endurance. If you have not yet added swimming to your workout routine, the time do so is now.

Swimming Enhances Strength And Muscle Definition

The typical swimmer enjoys muscle gains across the entirety of his body. This is the rare physical activity that works the full body as opposed to just the legs or arms. You really do use your entire body when moving through the water. The arms pull, the legs kick and the stomach flexes to stabilize the core. The end result of consistent swimming is an incredibly strong and toned body.

Swimming Boosts Flexibility

The body becomes tight and dry throughout the aging process. Loosen up by swimming laps every other day at Amarillo Town Club. Swimming forces you to stretch, reach, pull and twist in order to move through the water and cross the length of the pool. This is the exercise you need to stay flexible as you age.

Swimming Combats Inflammation

Medical professionals agree that swimming provides numerous cardiovascular benefits including bolstering heart strength.

Recent research also shows that swimming even reduces inflammation. Minimizing such inflammation prevents the build-up of atherosclerosis within the heart. A reduction in body-wide inflammation results in a stalling of disease progression along with a number of other benefits.


Swimming Burns Calories

Swimming is an incredibly intense aerobic exercise. This is a fantastic way to burn calories yet it is much more enjoyable than the typical treadmill session.

Swimming allows you to enjoy the cool and refreshing water, select your preferred stroke(s) and burn just as many (sometimes more) calories than running. It is also quite nice to not have to worry about sweat rolling down into your eyes.

Ten minutes of butterfly stroke swimming burns upwards of 150 calories. Running for 10 minutes burns about 100 calories. This means you can burn more than 150 calories with an intense half-hour butterfly speed session. Completing a 5K run in the same amount of time burns comparably fewer calories. Commit to swimming laps several times per week and you'll burn the calories and fat away as time progresses.

Swimming Increases Bone Mass

Research detailed in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that swimming even enhances bone mass. Bone mineral density improved in rats that participated in water exercises. This swimming group also displayed femoral bone weight benefits compared to the control group. Though more research is necessary, it is likely these results also apply to human beings.

Swimming May Even Improve Longevity

Recent studies suggest swimming prolongs longevity. University of South Carolina researchers studied over 40,000 men across three decades. The men who swam enjoyed a 50% lower death rate than those who did not swim.

Swim At The Amarillo Town Club

Our facility makes swimming easy and convenient. Whether you are looking to do a few laps or learn proper swimming techniques, Amarillo Town Club makes it possible.

We have two family-friendly outdoor Aquatic Parks along with lap pools for laps, swim lessons and aqua fitness group classes.

Sign up for a summer membership with the ATC, now for a discounted price!

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