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Should You Get Your Kids Involved In Sports?

by Ameka Mobley | September 01, 2016

children-sports-soccer.jpgWith the school year in full swing, sports teams are gearing up for the new season. Participating in sports is a great way for your kids to stay healthy while having a blast.

But maybe you’re wondering if team sports are right for your family. After all, it’s a big commitment to join a sports team.

Here, we’ll look at the benefits of playing sports, how to get your children interested in joining a team, and what your kid’s other options are if sports just aren’t their thing.

4 Benefits Of Team Sports

Sports provide an outlet for children and teens, a space for them to exert energy and strive for excellence. Joining a team also encourages kids to build relationships. Still wondering if you should urge your child to participate in sports? Take a look at these other benefits.  

1. Discipline

Being responsible for showing up for a team activity and knowing that a group of your kid’s peers is depending on him helps him understand the importance of honoring commitments. Additionally, following the rules of a game and learning to take direction from a coach instills a strong sense of respect for authority.

2. Sportsmanship

Along with respect for authority comes respect for teammates and players on opposing teams when a child plays sports. He or she is taught to show kindness to other players no matter the situation — or risk penalties.

3. Physical Fitness

This is an obvious one, but sports allow kids the chance to get out of the house and away from electronics regularly. The best part? They’re having fun doing it.

4. A Lifetime Of Memories

Childhood sports provide memories that your kids will cherish forever. The wins, the losses, the friendships, the experiences... these are things money can’t buy.

Getting Your Kids To Participate

While pushing your child to do something she doesn’t want to do isn’t encouraged, giving her the opportunity to find an activity she’s passionate about is vital. When it comes to sports, parents tend to be one extreme or the other: too overbearing or too passive. Here are some tips for getting your kids excited about sports.

  • Don’t push too hard
  • Let your kid try at least two different sports a year
  • Watch for burnout so you know when to cut back

Other Options For Staying Active

Sometimes even your best efforts can’t succeed in encouraging your kids to play sports. If this is the case, don’t worry. Try staying active as a family or letting your child find another way to exercise.

At the Amarillo Town Club, we have programs for the whole family, including youth activitiesReach out to us to find out how you can help your kids stay active, with or without sports.

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NOTICE: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This information is for general use and is not intended to be a prescription. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

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