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Sneak & Swap: 4 Healthier Foods For Kids

by Ameka Mobley | November 15, 2016

kids-healthy-food.jpgGetting kids to eat healthy is like pulling teeth — just ask any parent who’s ever tried.

While persuading your child to eat his or her veggies each day without smothering them in ketchup may be next to impossible, there are a few simple changes you can make that your kids won’t even notice.

Making Your Food Healthier

It’s important your children get enough vegetables, fruits, and protein. But what about everything else they eat?

Here are four effective and simple changes you can make that will lead to a healthier lifestyle — without your kids even realizing it.

1. Popcorn Instead of Chips

Whether it’s an after-school snack or something to munch on during movie night, chips are one of the worst things you can feed your children. They’re loaded with hidden things like MSG and saturated fats.

Instead of grabbing chips on your next grocery trip, toss a popcorn maker and some whole popcorn kernels into your buggy. Popcorn has fewer calories and plenty of whole grains. Just don’t load your bowl down with tons of salt and butter.

almond-butter.jpg2. All-Natural Spreads Instead of Jelly

Who doesn’t love a warm slice of toast layered with delicious jelly in the morning? Unfortunately, most jellies and spreads are full of sugar and artificial flavors.

Your kids can still enjoy that yummy goodness when they wake up; just go for all-natural nut (e.g. almond butter), and even fruit, spreads. They’ll get the same satisfaction without all the empty calories.

3. Brown Instead of White

It’s pretty common knowledge that whole grain or 100% whole wheat bread is much better for you than white bread. But did you realize the brown over white rule applies to other foods as well?

If your kids love spaghetti or other pasta dishes, don’t deprive them — make a sneaky swap! Choose whole grain pasta and no one will ever be the wiser. The same rings true for rice. Brown rice is a healthier alternative to white rice.

woman-infused-water-lemon-cucumber (1).jpg4. Infused Water Instead of Soft Drinks

Sodas contain ingredients that can be harmful to children, such as caffeine and artificial sweeteners. But there’s something about drinking plain water that turns kids off.

For a healthy drink your kids will love, toss some fruit into a jug of water and leave it overnight in the fridge.

Getting Healthy with the Pros

When it comes to your family’s fitness and nutrition, it’s difficult to go it alone. From youth classes to group fitness and recreation, Amarillo Town Club has something for the whole family. Reach out to us now to get started on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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