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Why You Should Start Your Spring Break Slim-down NOW

by Ameka Mobley | February 28, 2017

jumping-into-pool.pngSpring break is coming up, which means you'll likely be showing more skin, venturing out to social activities and soaking up the sun. If you have tacked on a few pounds over the winter months, don't feel bad. You still have enough time to get in shape before spring rolls around. Start dieting and exercising now so you will be in tip-top shape in time for some fun under the sun.

Get Ready for Spring Break With Group Fitness Classes

Most people find it quite challenging to whip themselves into shape when they are all alone. The Amarillo Town Club is proud to offer an array of fun, high-energy group fitness classes. This is your opportunity to exercise in a group setting that motivates you to shed the flab, tone your muscles and get your body ready for spring break. Aside from inspiring one another to go all out, exercising in a group setting also makes working out that much more fun. Partake in group fitness sessions and you will develop new relationships, learn new exercise techniques and enjoy the presence of others.

Exercise that is fun is much more tolerable than boring, repetitive exercises performed alone. It does not matter if you are slightly out of shape, overweight, skinny or anything in between. Choose from cycling, aqua fitness, Les Mills classes, mind and body classes and more.

TRIBE Team Training to the Rescue

Our TRIBE Team Training is exactly what you need to revolutionize your body. TRIBE Team Training is centered on functional fitness in a group setting. Whether you are looking for low-impact exercises, high-intensity workouts or moderate physical activity, TRIBE Team Training is the solution.

This workout program lasts for six weeks, bringing together groups of six to 10 people for functional fitness sessions that work the entire body with a particular focus on the core. Give TRIBE Team Training a chance and you will replace that unsightly belly fat with newly toned abs just in time for spring break.

Personal Training

If you prefer one-on-one training, we've got you covered. Our personal trainers will customize training regimens to your unique body and physical fitness goals. Whether you're looking to trim the fat around your stomach, eliminate the flab from your arms or get your booty in shape for spring break, our personal trainers will help you make it happen.  

The beauty of a personal trainer is that he is always there to provide valuable insight, answer questions and address fitness-related concerns.  Pick your personal fitness coach's brain and you will tap into an invaluable source of knowledge that propels you toward your true health and fitness potential. We also offer group personal training.

Get In Shape for Spring Break at The Amarillo Town Club

Work out at The Amarillo Town Club and it won't be long until you have reshaped your body into the lean, healthy machine you deserve. Contact The Amarillo Town Club today to schedule a tour and learn more about our health and fitness offerings.

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