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something for everybody

At the Amarillo Town Club, we have something for everyBODY. From our cutting-edge Performance Center to the latest group fitness classes and world-class personal training, there's no shortage of opportunities to get fit! Explore all of the different ways to work out at the ATC.


Increase endurance. Lose weight. Improve cardiovascular health. The ATC provides simple-to-use, modern treadmills, ellipticals, cross trainers, stair climbers, bicycles, and other equipment in our high-tech cardio theaters.


Build muscle strength. Shape and tone your body. With everything from kettlebells and barbells to the most sophisticated equipment, our weight rooms are loaded with gear so you can avoid the wait.


Change your lifestyle and give your body the treatment it deserves. At the ATC, our dedicated experts can help you combine proper diet and exercise to drop the pounds and keep them off. Burn calories with a variety of exercise options, such as group classes and cardio machines.


There’s power in numbers! Exercise in a fun group setting at the ATC. Get your adrenaline pumping with Les Mills and Zumba or chill out with yoga and water aerobics. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or you’re a hard-core athlete, the ATC offers more than 100 weekly group classes.


Unleash your full fitness potential at the ATC Performance Center, Amarillo’s premier functional fitness facility. Take advantage of 6,000 sq. ft. of cushioned turf, TRX, free weights and exercise equipment, in addition to personal training, group classes, functional fitness and fun youth activities.


Whether you want a total-body challenge or a low-impact workout, aqua fitness can deliver. Join members who have already turned to water exercise as a way to work out. Our newly renovated pools are ideal for fitness swimming, water classes and much more.


Want to bust through that plateau, break out of that rut, refresh your workout? Enlist the help of one of our nationally certified personal trainers. You set the goal; we help you get there. The ATC offers one-on-one training, group training, athletic training and functional fitness.


Are you looking for a way to keep your kid active, healthy and entertained? The ATC's Performance Center is a great way to get kids excited about going to the gym. Get them to run, jump, and sweat out that extra energy with individual or group activities.


We know that connectivity and motivation are expectations of our members. That’s why we offer every member—new and old—the opportunity to engage our fitness department with ease and convenience. The ATC Fitness Team can provide you with direction and advice to help you figure out how to move forward in reaching your fitness goals.