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personal trainer


Brady was born and raised in Amarillo, and early on he discovered a passion for sports, especially basketball. After high school, Brady picked up endurance sports and completed myriad events, from spartan races to 50K trail runs. He is also actively involved in CrossFit. Through his fitness experience, he fell in love with personal training and working with people one-on-one.

As a coach/trainer, Brady believes the most difficult feat a client faces is walking through the door. Then, it is up to him to make the workout fun, fulfilling, and effective. His greatest reward is seeing his clients push themselves beyond anything they thought they were capable of. Brady’s clients believe his professional, encouraging attitude keeps them motivated to reach their goals.


Brady is an invaluable addition to the Amarillo Town Club and its members, and we are thrilled to have him as part of the ATC team!





“After years of being intimidated by the gym and having a very unhealthy view of exercise, I finally committed to hiring a personal trainer and getting my life back. Brady is very knowledgeable and is the ultimate professional, all while encouraging me to work harder with positive comments and fist bumps. He understands and respects my limitations from old injuries and plans sessions to work those areas without causing pain. It is amazing the results I have seen in just three weeks of working with him. My physical strength has increased considerably and my self-confidence has increased tenfold.”

- Jennifer