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TRIBE team training

achieve more together

tribe.-team2jpg.jpegThe Amarillo Town Club is excited to welcome TRIBE Team Training!

Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your core, or increase your energy, TRIBE is the motivation you need to see the fitness results you crave.

What Is TRIBE Team Training?

TRIBE is a group training system used all over the world, and the Amarillo Town Club’s newest offering for our members!


TRIBE Team Training offers small group personal training of approximately 6-10 people. Members will be able to sign up for 6-week seasons, which will occur at various times and days throughout the week in the ATC Performance Center at our Cornell location.


There are three programs, all of which focus on functional fitness:

  1. TRIBE Fit: uses a combination of high-intensity strength, power and conditioning exercises, as well as mobility training, to enhance athletic performance and to achieve a lean, strong body.
  2. TRIBE Core: uses low-impact, moderate-intensity exercises to help you achieve a strong and stable core.
  3. TRIBE Life: uses low-impact, moderate-intensity exercises that combine full-body aerobic movements, 3D functional exercises, as well as core and mobility exercises to give you renewed energy.


Each team is led by a coach that stays with you the whole 6-week season.


What Are The Benefits of TRIBE?

TRIBE is a global training system that is used all over the world. With TRIBE, you get:

  • Measured results for motivation and accountability
  • A group of like-minded people to work out with
  • A dedicated coach to inspire and challenge you
  • A sense of community and friendship


How Much Does TRIBE Cost?

TRIBE is $145 per 6-week season — that’s just $12 a class! Plus, you get two free demo days to preview the teams.

Or, sign-up with a buddy and you'll both only pay $125 per 6-week season! *Both members must be present at time of sign-up


Where Can You Sign Up?

Stop by either front desk location for more information, or to sign up. Contact Us for more information.


Interested in Trying TRIBE?

You can experience TRIBE every Saturday by reserving your spot today! Classes are free for current TRIBE members and $12 for non-Tribe members. Space is limited, so please remember to reserve your spot every week.

Try TRIBE team training




FREE Trial Week: June 12th-15th  |  Seaons 4 Begins: June 19th



Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm | Coach: Tawny

Monday & Wednesday at 5:30pm | Coach: Tawny

Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm | Coach: Tanya

Monday & Wednesday at 6:30pm | Coach: Tawny

Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm | Coach: Tawny



Monday & Wednesday at 10:15am | Coach: Kristen R.



Monday & Wednesday at 5:30pm | Coach: Kristin D.

Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm | Coach: Angie



Saturday at 10am | Rotational Coach